Saturday, May 18, 2013

That's small!!

and this...... is, indeed, a SMALL ice cream. a small! can you believe it?! i think in the netherlands this will be size gigantic, probably not available or crazy expensive. and guess what? i ate it all!! yumyumyum. this was my lunch today.... it was a bit too much, but oh so very good.
not too far from our apartment is a local ice cream shop, opened from april until october or something. its usually crowded.. and they are open until 11pm at night. the first time we went there was just out of curiosity, we drove by every so often at any time of the day, and there were always people waiting in line. we hadnt had dinner yet, and both (!) ordered a medium-sized ice cream (you see, at that point we hadnt lived in the usa for that long yet... so what did we know!!). a medium is much larger than the small you can see here!! it was so good that i somehow ate it all, and then i was full for the remainder of the evening. no dinner for us!!
with the small you can order 2 flavors (and their selection of flavors is enormous). usually i only get one nevertheless; moose tracks (vanilla ice cream with very tasty pieces of chocolate and tiny peanut butter cups... hmmmmm). today i decided to be a bit adventurous and also got "death by chocolate". i did request that the moose tracks was put on the bottom, as i wanted to finish with that... yumyumyum. too bad its all gone now...
(its diary delight in malden for those nearby)

Charles street

this is charles street in boston, in the neighborhood beacon hill, with all its cute steep streets and pretty trees! only because the trees were blossoming, did i notice that many of the trees are really crooked, like this one, its forming an arch from one side to the other! when i took this photo, a little over a 2.5 weeks ago, i thought there was plenty of time to explore these streets a little bit more while the trees were blossoming... but as you know from my extensive complaining here, i was sick and didnt get out at all! :( today i got to go through charles street again, and all trees are green now, no more blossoms... :( (and im still not 100% better).
charles street is pretty nice, it has some fancy shops and restaurants, and at the end you get to choose whether you want to go to the boston common or the public garden.... (or neither one of them).