Sunday, March 18, 2012

Saint Patrick

i guess saint patrick lost some weight and grew his hair, as compared to last year...
reading wikipedia, im not sure that the early years of his life were that great. when he was 16, he was captured from wales and brought as a slave to ireland, where he lived for 6 years, and then managed to escape to go back to his family.
today the weather was amazing! it was so warm i did not need a jacket and i regretted wearing stockings. i even got a little sunburn! we walked along the shore in dorchester, and then went to the parade for a bit. tim initially did not want to go, as we saw it last year already. and well, yes, it was basically the same. lots of parents with kids, and then many many young people walking around with lots of beers. pretending not to drink them, of course, since thats not allowed in the streets. it all reminded me a bit of queensday in the netherlands, but instead of green, everyone wears orange on that day (after the last name of our queen "van oranje", i.e. "from orange"). also, drinking is allowed and nobody cares about their trash; when the day ends you walk on streets newly paved by plastic cups (i dont really like that day.... and usually just went to do some work in the lab although its a national holiday).
ah well, we had our dose of real irish culture and boston tradition and so on..... and a lot of sun as a very pleasant bonus!

Irish culture

today its st patricks day. according to wikipedia, it is a cultural and religious holiday, celebrated on march 17, commemorating saint patrick (AD 387-461; he died on march 17). in the early 17th century, it became an official feast day, and gradually became a celebration of irish culture in general. on this day, you goto church, you wear something green, and the lenten restrictions on eating and alcohol are lifted.
now... if you just look around in boston during st patricks day..... you see more of the above. im so frustrated this pic not sharp, but well... you get the idea. im not sure those 2 went to church, or were celebrating irish culture that much.... it seems to me its just a day spent in the pub (or waiting in a long line to get into one), and getting drunk in a weird (or weirder) green outfit...