Saturday, October 16, 2010

No glimpse

no glimpse, no look-a-like, nothing.... the closest i came to seeing obama was not today but last monday, at the top of a mountain called "gunstock" that we climbed in the shire (NH).
so, obama was in boston today at the hynes convention center, next to prudential. he was there to campaign for governor deval patrick; on november 2 are the congressional and gubernatorial elections (gubernatorial? i dont know what that is!). according to the newspaper it all started at 12.30. we were there well before that, but there was already an enormous, endless row of people waiting to enter hynes. apparently people had been lining up since 6 this morning!! no way we had a chance, and thus we stood at the entrance of hynes, watching so many people go in, although the row did not seem to get any shorter (7000 were allowed in; quite some people were unlucky). it was soo windy today, and sooo cold!! we waited there quite a long while, and i photographed a lot of overweight police officers, but no obama.... :( when someone finally asked a policeman he said; obama is long inside! they have underground parking here, ya know, sure he doesnt come through the front entrance..! and that was it...