Friday, July 23, 2010

Nantasket beach

i have been asking tim since May to drive to Hull with me. or Nantasket, i do not entirely know where one small village starts and the other ends (like boston: i thought cambridge, somerville etc is all Boston. but NO; these are separate towns. this already led to quite some confusion. all these small towns have the same limited set of street names and it happened already that we were in street so-and-so in boston, while we were supposed to be in Roxbury..). anyways, there is a long shore drive and a nice beach. with sand instead of pebbles. and the people there are superinteresting!! :) i took quite some pics. the entire beach was full with huge families and i guess they just sit there the entire day. me and tim climbed in a lifeguard seat, and from there i perfectly could observe this large family in the front of the picture...
oh, that was a nice evening. we got a pizza (a very GOOD one) which we ate on the rocks while it started to get dark (and the musquitos came.. buuuhhh), together with a beer brought from home. but i just learned that alcohol actually is not allowed on the street/beach. luckily there was no policeman on horse wanting to be photographed...

People photographing

one of the things i like to take pictures of, is other people taking pictures... i like to photograph the entire scene, or only the photographer.
this is in a park but i am not sure of the name, it is next to the boston common (the park with the frog pond in it), and you often see these police officers on a horse. i think they are there only for show, and whisper to all kids and parents that they are available for pictures (im not sure about the whispering but i assume they do, how otherwise would anyone want to be pictured with a machoguy on a horse? (what was the joke again, Per? Ein Bull auf einem Pferd? oder so etwas?). this poor boy obviously does not want, although both his mum and dad are taking pictures.. :)