Monday, July 19, 2010

Enormous cinema

when bringing sylvia to the airport- :( - we passed this enormous cinema. ofcourse i wanted to go there, what is more american than a HUGE cinema? (too bad we didnt discover it earlier, we actually wanted to go see a movie with sylvia, but the cinema we went to was closed due to power outage). you cannot really grasp the enormousness of the building, and the surrounding parking lot from this picture, unfortunately. but it was huge. many of the people in the cinema were also huge, btw. there was a LOT of food also. i took one picture inside, but it was crappy, and just as i was adjusting my camera to take another one, an employee came to tell me photographing was not allowed. why? "ah well, management does not want it". there was also a police officer with a gun at the entrance. i didnt ask why.
we went to see Inception. but the movie only started at 10.30 and i was rather tired already. the chairs were comfortable and the movie quite difficult to follow... thus i slept a bit.. :( i couldnt help it! besides, in the movie they sleep all the time!! :) and i liked how it ended!
also funny, people here IMMEDIATELY get up as soon as the movie is done. no contemplation while the "aftiteling" is passing by, as happens a lot, especially if you go to more "arty" movies in the netherlands. that always annoyed me, but to be rushed out of your seat while the movie is not even fully ended, is more annoying, i now know...