Sunday, August 25, 2013

Grand central

this was back in may, when we were in new york with the most awful weather... the first day it more or less rained non-stop! i guess thats why there were many (at least 4 when we were there) wedding shoots going on inside grand central terminal. the wedding group above was definitely the most interesting.
since a week or so i somehow got into the habit of watching "say yes to the dress". its about brides-to-be that are looking for a wedding dress in some fancy store in new york. to me its amazing what they are willing to spend on a dress; most dresses are not below 1500 dollars, and many are looking for dresses for say 5000 dollars!! (or even more...). i can only watch it when tim is not around, as he cant stand even the sound of all the screaming brides and bridesmaids and mothers and mothers in law.... haha.