Tuesday, June 8, 2010

King bed

i thought everything in the us of a is big. i thus couldnt quite understand the bed the people we are subleasing from left for us. it is so narrow! it is not very long either, even my legs notice and i dont think im that tall. up till last week i thought we were sleeping on a "queen bed". checking craigslist and furniture stores it seemed however the most common bed... so that made me wonder even more... how can all these... ummm... bigger people than me sleep on a queen?!
last week the people we are subleasing from came to get some of their furniture back, and then they told me we are sleeping on a "full bed" right now. so i catched up on my wikipedia reading and now know there are twin/single beds (for 1 person), full beds (for 1 person in my opinion; 135 cm), queen beds (a little less space than a normal 2-person dutch bed; 152 cm), king beds (essentially 2 twins; 198 cm) and californian king beds. the latter i expected to be enormous... but more reading taught me that it is in between a king and a queen. pfffffttt.
but all that reading did not turn our frustrating full (every night i wake up several times) into a king. but look at the pic: there is everything, except a mattress, to build a king, even a fancy nightstand!!!! jeeeejjj!!! another visit to craigslist yesterday; there was someone so very kind to give us their not used anymore bedframe..! so... thanks again to everyone who gave us their furniture; the couch, the bookshelf, the lamps (see pic), the huge tv, the futon (my sister will visit us in august) and now the bedframe!! :) the us of a is not that bad at all....!