Thursday, June 28, 2012

Poor dog

the poor dog was being laughed at when he (she?) didnt dare to cross the bridge. normally, only cars pass ocer this part of the bridge, but it was closed for all traffic for some festival where tim had to play. well, those grates were indeed quite scary, and the dog was not the only one not wanting to go there (when i took a leisurely stroll with tim, i had to hold him the entire time as i was too afraid to walk by myself. hahahhaaha. seems so stupid now, as the grates were definitely smaller than my shoes, but it does something to your brain that makes you walk funny. just like when you are on an escalator that doesnt work....). eventually, the dog went... slowly.... 
i didnt post for 2 days. i was just.... beeehhhh. so tired every evening. and then just for bed i "had to do my blog", and just didnt want to. my computer is still soooo slow, so just watching photos to decide which one to post is really annoying.... so i went to bed instead. but i actually like doing my blog... so.. its weird. i want to, but i dont want to. blablabla. lets goto bed again.. :) good night!