Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Extremely sad

so, there are stupid people. very stupid people, and extremely stupid people. and then there is me.... last night, just before going home, i put on my watch. i dont wear it while in the lab as i dont want to damage it. so i thought i put it on, but next thing i hear is a very loud crack, and there it was, on the floor, shattered...... buuuuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh. then i had to tell tim and in the orange line back home i felt so awful i had to cry.
i got this watch from tim for my PhD. it has an inscription with the date of my defense as well as CaT, yes, thats for Cat and Tim. he gave it to me the morning of the defence, but my wrist waas bigger than the watch, and so wearing it, it looked like i had a sausage-arm. thus couldnt wear it during my defence, about which tim was very sad. the exchange for a bigger size then took another month or so!! and now its broken.... :((( hopefully they can fix it. we goto the watchhospital in boston this saturday, to see what they can do....
the green note comes from prudential center. one day each table in the food court suddenly had such a note. we found that very funny... some tables even had 2, and we found that unnecessary and thought our apartment could use one as well.. so its on our big fancy table there.. now with my broken watch next to it..... isnt that ironic... :((((