Saturday, May 12, 2012

Out exploring

today we did a lot! it started actually last night with a movie, and then today we went to the place where that movie was filmed. we also pretended to be interested in an apartment, just so we could see the inside of a building. which turned out to be so impressive that we would really move there had it been closer to boston... (and our lease really expired sometime soon, and not in a year). after that, we went to 2 cemeteries i really wanted to see. one was quite hard to find (we went the wrong direction 2 times before we were on the right path, somewhere in the woods). when driving to our next destination just the supermarket, haha), we ended up at a place that seemed to be entirely abandoned (and had many buildings!), but upon closer inspection it seemed not to be abandoned entirely. that was just soooo weird, and a little scary. after that (still on our way to the supermarket) we suddenly saw a lot of people dressed in medieval outfits, or something like that. there was food, music, some dancing and what not. we had no clue what it was but it was great people watch (see above. im just frustrated this particular pic did not turn out better), and then it was time to go home again (after the overcrowded supermarket). a very interesting, although sometimes confusing, day, haha. now i have many pics to sort out and background information to find, but surely i will post more pics in the coming days!