Sunday, October 14, 2012

Free.... wifi??

free wifi? at a church? is that how they get more people attending the mass (i had to check the spelling, i thought it was "mess") on sundays? while checking facebook? or do they mean a free wifi connection... directly to god?
this was in vermont, back in august.
(i get to the cranberry picking soon, i hope. now i just want to sleep...)

Floating cranberries!

yep, what you see here are floating cranberries! ready to get harvested.... we drove to plymouth today to get a tour and do some "cranberry picking". it was really interesting to see, and i took a LOT of photos... unfortunately there was not really a tour, and too many people... :( (what a waste of our 20 dollars!).
but more about all that i hope tomorrow, with some more pictures as well! good night!