Sunday, May 20, 2012

A message...

... on the outside of an abandoned building we visited this weekend. the place was really abandoned and nature had done a very good job at taking over. the buildings almost seemed part of the green grass and trees.... and then suddenly i saw this message somewhere stuck onto a window, which reminded me that someday there were many people there. 
currently i have a huge amount of photos i want to post. but its all so unorganized, and i dont know where to start...! problem right there; i should just start organizing. but theres always something else to do... (like going to yet another great location to increase my photo collection even more, or baking a typical dutch pie i suddenly craved, but took hours to complete (it was something like this; something you will never find around here!!)).
and i do agree; lets make smoking history! i really, really hate for example that most people who smoke dont like to do it in their own home. fine. but then they do it outside, underneath our window. so that it enters our apartment. beeehh. or the person that smokes cigars in the garage underneath the apartments. really, why?! if you dont want it in your own house, why bother other people with it?!