Sunday, November 7, 2010

Already, really?

this morning we went to a mall close to our house. we actually both were not in the mood of buying or looking or fitting... but we went to the used bookstore, my favorite shop in the entire mall. you can get secondhand books for only 2 or 3 dollars; so thats how we fill our (free) bookcase! 
wintertime started this night here in the US, a week later than in the netherlands, so we were too early in the mall! apparently it opens at 12, but we were there at 11... :) had some time to wander around and saw my first santa claus and enormous christmas tree! oh my, already?!! he is arranging himself in the best position in front of the camera; because here you can sit on santa's lap and have your picture taken! for only (ugh) 24 dollars you get 2 photos, or something. the lady taking the pictures looked up at us a little disturbed, when we were taking some pictures, and later i saw there is an explicit notice that you should refrain from photographing santa with your own camera. bbbuuuggghhh! santa was actively waving at all little kids coming by, but i didnt see anyone that wanted their picture taken (you could also get a keychain, or ready-made christmas cards....)
as you all know, of course, santa claus is phonetically related to the dutch "sinterklaas", which arrives somewhere in the first half of november, and leaves, while throwing around candy and presents, at the 5th (or was it the 6th?) of december... we also have santa claus, but we call him "kerstman" (christmas-man).

Subway office

this is at downtown crossing. i like this station a lot, and i think every time i am there, i take at least one picture. usually they turn out crappy, but i keep trying as there really is something to this station. i have been wanting to picture a subway office for a while now, but never dared. now i finally had my chance, as this office was empty, but i could take only one shot as the train was just arriving.
i think there is so much to see! someone scratched the glass, and what about the note "please keep area clean"? also the car calendar i find funny... shouldnt it be one with subwaytrains? all these offices are so sad.. and all have the same ugly, old-fashioned, PINKish telephone, here not so well visible, but in fact the main reason i wanted a picture of such an office... :)
when we just got here, i once wrote to the subway office; tim had bought a monthly pass in the last week of the month.. for 59 dollars, only to find out it was valid only for that week. a stupid mistake, maybe. but... a weekly pass you can buy at any day of the week, and logic told us a monthly pass would work the same way. and if not, surely the machine would warn you? unfortunately the office wrote me back that they were glad i like the MBTA (i thought i would increase my chances of getting a refund by telling them how great they are), but that a monthly pass is for a calendar-month, and explained me extensively what a calendar month is.... buuuhhhh!