Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday post

not knowing what to post, i suddenly saw this picture again. since its sunday, i thought it was appropriate... this was actually in the getty center in los angeles, where we were in may.
today was yet another hot hot hot day! unfortunately i spent quite some time inside. i was so stupid to buy a coupon for making a photobook. the discount was so huge (or so it seemed, ooh how clever salesmen are, and how stupid am i!!), and i thought it nice to print our pics for once (who does that, nowadays...). i bought the stupid coupon somewhere in february, to make a nice album from our roadtrip in december (from memphis to new orleans to eventually miami). more than enough time to make something nice, i thought! well.... i have 14 days left, and only started today.... beeehhh... now i "just" have to finish it (as a dutch i ofcourse cannot go let my 35 dollars goto waste to make an album worth 115.... (see, thats why i fell for it...)).

Beach scene

today was a very hot and sunny day. how nice! we started off with some laps in the pool, and then went to gloucester again (where yesterdays photo was taken as well). this time we went for some biking in the woods. it was nice. except that i had quite some bare skin due to the heat, and didnt think of mosquitoes.... buuuuhhh!! we had brought everything; towels, lunch, bikini, sunscreen, walking shoes, water... i was so happy as it seemed for once i hadnt forgotten some essential item.... until we were suddenly surrounded by those tiny flying monsters.... it almost spoiled the fun, but then they were gone again....
it was sooo very hot! i was even contemplating going into the water at the above beach (i have never been into the ocean on this side of the country! the water just looks so dirty and usually the water is so cold!). but.... we could not find any parking..!! we had never been here before on a hot day during summer. and now we know.... parking is nearly impossible at this time of the year. whereas you can freely park during the colder months (especially on the weekend), its prohibited during summer... :(( yes, there was a paid parking lot, but it was 15 dollars!! and it was already after 4 and we didnt plan on staying for too long (and anyways, i think 15 dollars is outrageous). so... no beach/swimming for us this time (we did go here on an almost equally hot day in... march... as you can see here). and ofcourse... we got home after 8, so the pool here was closed.... 
at least tomorrow there should be another day.... and again well above 30 degrees C (90F).