Monday, June 11, 2012

Pretty amazing

here a distant view of las vegas.... when the sun was about to set. isnt it beautiful? too bad i had to take the picture through the window of the car, as you can see....
our hotelroom was unfortunately not too high up (only the 23rd floor or so... haha), and we didnt face the strip (bbuuuuh), but the advantage of that was that we faced the desert (and an awful deserted parking lot and a hotel that probably wont be built soon, only part of it was..), and we witnessed 2 amazing sunrises. i usually wake up very early (only togoto sleep again), and these times it was just around sunrise. the first was a perfect deep red with some purple (i woke up tim, in the end i think he did like to see that sunrise), and the second was greenish like above. really beautiful... just for that i wouldnt mind spending some more time in the desert. (but the desert is pretty cool anyways...)

Tonight's movie

i took this picture very long ago, somewhere in the very first months we arrived in boston. i found it funny and put it in my "to post" folder, but i never did, as i thought, well yes, i post it, and then what do i write....?
tonight we saw a french movie "the intouchables". it was impressive. sad. very funny. i really liked it. you just have to go and see it. i didnt really know where it was about when i went; i didnt want to watch the trailer as it sometimes reveals too much. and now all i can say; just go and see it!
and dont read the review in the new york times (i just did, its here for the curious...). its a stupid review, on many levels. yes, the movie is about a very rich handicapped guy who hires someone to take care of him. that someone turns out to be poor, and very different and despite, or probably because their differences they really get along, eventually. yes, the idea is cliche (but based on a true story!!), but i think its execution is more funny, and more touching than anything i saw in a while (also, i suggest the writer of this review should watch more south park, this episode in particular). anyways, i think the pic somehow fits the movie.... so i can finally post it!
and now its again very late and time for bed....