Monday, January 13, 2014

Me & bridge

it took me forever to remember the name of this park!! but now i do... its zion national park. we were there last year january and it was beautiful. it was a little chilly but not too bad. unfortunately, the hike we had planned didnt happen as halfway the road was closed due to giant icicles that might, or might not, fall off... so we just wandered around a little. and of course, only when we discovered the real cool part, it was time to move on as we still had quite a drive ahead of us. 
the park was really beautiful, but at this point in our trip we kind of were saturated. we had seen so much desert, beautiful nature, the grand canyon, the caves in pages (oops, i also forgot the name of that right now), etc etc. moreover, i couldnt get the pictures right; it was so much prettier in reality than on my camera and... well... we both sort of had it with all that beautiful stuff.... hard to imagine now but i very well remember that we both felt like that. after this, we drove on to las vegas and we were sort of happy to just be surrounded by ugliness for a change, and not having to ooh and aah at anything.... :D
and now? i want to go there again! i want to drive those roads, i want to see it all again.....