Saturday, August 6, 2011

Palm trees

palm trees are everywhere in san diego! literally everywhere and everything seems to look better because of them, even parking lots, or so i think...  according to wikipedia, palm trees are a popular symbol for the tropics and vacations. for me, palm trees were something from cartoons, and it was only when i went to a conference in spain that i saw palm trees in reality, and realized that they are not only in cartoons.... (stupid, huh).
but now im tired.... so good night!

Im in......

when i arrived last night it was dark already, all i could see were palm trees everywhere.... because i am in ... san diego!! i never went to this side of the us of a, while my friend sylvia lives there. while she has visited us already twice in boston, we never got to visit her so far!
but finally.... here i am, on the couch in her apartment! today we went to a photography museum, and had a walk through the park, and then a veeerrrrryyyyy long walk at the beach. so pretty! and a lot of people were enjoying the sun and the water.....  many people on bikes... isnt he gorgeous.. ? :D all like in the movies, but better!! ah, and tim just said this guy reminded him of the one we saw in texas, you can see him here... hihihihihihi.
my, it looks so different here, compared to boston, let alone the netherlands... hahahaha.