Sunday, September 18, 2011

Old news

accompanied with an old photo (taken while i was in san diego). a few weeks back i read on the news that someone from jersey shore was asked not to wear abercrombie clothes. of course, that kind of news brings many questions. what is abercrombie? jersey shore... ? well... abercrombie and fitch is a brand of clothes. every mall has a shop that sells this kind of clothes, but we never go inside; those stores smell horrible! from quite a distance you can smell this store, and googling a bit around, im not the only one noticing this. apparently, there are even protest groups asking to stop spraying around... (here; it seems to be also toxic?!). once we were just too curious, and we did go into this store, but it was once and never again; as someone else put it "you go from a bright, bubbly, fluorescent mall to a loud reeking cave. The only light in the place shines on the clothes. The ceilings, walls, and shelves are all painted black, and there’s no escape route in sight" (that person analyzed the entire store).
now... whats jersey shore? thats some sort of american reality series, and one of the stars,  Michael "The Situation" Sorrentino has been asked by the smelly store not to wear its clothes. (this guy is also named "the stiuation"; something just too weird to question). abercrombie stated this person wearing their clothes may be distressing to many of their fans.... hmmmpfff, just weird. i think they should rather just stop spraying their toxic smell and have normal shops...they did offer to pay this person not to wear their clothes anymore! well, i would like to get paid not to wear a certain brand... no problem! :)