Thursday, August 1, 2013

Drying laundry

its soooo very hot again here! and tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer, perhaps record breaking hot... if anything, its good for getting your laundry dry quickly! i really dislike to dry my clothes (or anything, really), in a dryer, and have always hung my clothes out to dry. and now i can finally hang them outside, on the balcony! it makes it smell so good...!
in our first place in the usa we had to go to a laundromat to do the laundry, but would always drag the wet stuff home to hang it out (the apartment was so huge that one room was dedicated to just that, haha). in the next we had both a washer and a dryer, but i just hung it out in the living room. there is something really relaxing in doing laundry. i like to hang it, and i even like to fold it (but i never iron).
most people around our place here in amsterdam hang their clothes out to dry. many have racks that hang from the railing, but i just wonder if that isnt annoying for the people underneath you, suddenly seeing your towels in front of their window.... 
whats crazy; in the us, the land of the free, its forbidden (!!) in many places to hang out your clothes. some 60 million americans are not allowed to hang their clothes in their own outside space! in some states, there are now laws that forbid apartment complexes to make such stupid rules, but not in massachusetts... (however, the state senator is now "fighting" for "the right to dry"). isnt that crazy? in a country where you can have guns in many states, you cannot dry your clothes in the most environmentallly friendly way (as well as cheapest, and best for your clothes... etc etc).
as you can see, i really like pink, and flowers... i brought this sheet to the us, and back home again...