Thursday, August 14, 2014

To go

i took this picture a while back in Rotterdam. although i dont like that people are this lazy, it was a bit funny to see this "forgotten" cup on this statue. after taking some pictures tim threw it away.
so yes, we have these cups as well, but you see them far and far less on the street than in the usa. there i sometimes had the feeling that people could just not leave the house unless they had a cup in their hand (or at least bought it on their way to wherever). i have seen coffee being spilled on other passengers in the subway, and well.... i never understood the need to always have a huge ice coffee (usually only drunk halfway and then thrown away, or placed somewhere, anywhere, and then forgotten).
for my work, i have to take the train and then the bus. its quite the commute (at least 1.5 hours one way), so i have to get up really early (to still arrive relatively late, grrrr), and i am not a morning person!! my tolerance for anything in the morning is very low, and im happy that its not that crowded yet due to holidays (but i truly fear when those days are over). i am annoyed when other people walk too slow, when they are in my way, when they talk loud in the train, when they come sit too close to me, when there is no place to sit, when i miss my train or when the train is delayed..... but!! at least dutch people dont really have this habit of always having a coffee with them, and something smelly to eat in the early morning (so far, i have only encountered a few... :) ). ah, women do do their make up in the train (annoys me as well), or paint their nails (drives me crazy), and there are even people who clip their nails (how on earth do they think thats socially acceptable???!), and on the way back every now and then you encounter the typical sad male with a can of beer.... (i really dont understand that either. someone recently said that those people are alcoholics, but im not sure...?)