Sunday, June 20, 2010

Beach ladies (2)

sorry, i just liked the 2 ladies and took quite some pics of them... i promise, this is the last here...
it was hot again, and tomorrow it will also be hot...
we realized we have accumulated a lot of stuff already.. mostly thanks to Craigslist (for anyone who wants to catch up on wikipediareading regarding Craigslist:; you learn there f.e. that it has 20 billion page views per month; but i guess now i discovered it.. this number already has gone up significantly... ;))) ), and next week we have to move! today the last stuff we were using from the couple we are subleasing from was brought back to them, so all thats left- quite a lot, is ours....!
ah, and we also learned that parking your vehicle in the wrong direction is a violation, and costs you 20 dollars... do we also have such a weird rule in the netherlands?!

Beach ladies

we were at the beach today! but just for walking around, it was HOT! and surely too hot to bake in the sun..... these ladies however..... :)