Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MFA evening

on wednesday nights, the museum of fine arts in boston can be entered free of charge, you only have to politely decline their request "do you want to make a donation?" (or not), and you can get lost in this enormous museum that seems to be expanding every time we visit. 
above was in the new wing of contemporary art. this piece of neon text was particularly interesting, as only in the picture you could see that the words actually have different colors. you could not see that in real, there it was just all white neonlight. i dont know how its done, but im sure it was on purpose. i forgot the name of the (danish?) artist, and could not find it back on the MFA website, so i cannot find out more about it....
we also went to the relatively new wing "art of the americas" where they had a lot of paintings from john singer sargent. this painting is in their permanent collection, and every time we go, we go see it, i like it so much! (in reality its much better than this picture of it). im not that much into "old" paintings, but his i really, really like, and im always happy to recognize one in one museum or the other. i just checked the blog of the sartorialist, and his latest post is of some lady in paris that reminds him of a living singer sargent painting. i agree!