Thursday, October 6, 2011

All yellow

from above all i saw was yellow and i liked it so much! then i was curious to see what wikipedia has to say about yellow, and thats a lot (here). i see yellow as a positive color, but i do not have any clothes in that color (i do have a pair of shoes. i do have a lot of purple clothes, and purple is the RYB (wiki can explain you what that is) complimentary color of yellow). however, wiki tells me that yellow is associated with the word "caution, as well as with aging for both people and objects ("yellowed" paper).
well, with all that yellow you would almost miss the enormous piece of art in the midst of it. here you can see it from the front. i actually do not know whether i like it. its interesting though. its titled "Companion (Passing Through)". passing through because it came from hong kong, and with several stops along the way, ended up in the meatpacking district in NY, but only until this month. it is made by an artist named KAWS, who grew up in jersey city. originally, he was a graffiti artist and later worked at disney (the sculpture does remind me a bit of mickey mouse, but tim does not agree). but what i really wanted to know was why he has covered his eyes! what kind of companion is that? it took me a while to find it out. some suggested he is playing hide and seek, others that he does not want to see evil (here a lot of pics from the sculpture). well, originally KAWS was invited to make  a piece of art to be displayed in harbour city (the biggest hong kong shopping mall). when he went to look at this location, his immediate thought was “God if I had to sit out here, I would just be mortified if this many people walked past me.” since wikipedia tells me that yellow is also associated with cowardice, i guess that explains why everything around the sculpture is yellow....