Sunday, October 16, 2011

Five guys

i took this pic in san diego while i was there in july, somewhere close to the beach. i just liked this wall painting from john lennon and presumed this was some men's clothing store. only this week i found out its actually a burgerplace, and that there is one relatively close to our apartment; we often drive by it, but i just never saw it. this evening we went there as we were lazy and i was curious, it was supposed to be "really good". well, it is more expensive than mc donald's. but you can choose your toppings (although i dont always like having to do that). it was just that they did mine wrong and i got pickles instead of bacon (i do think thats quite a difference), and they thought we wanted to share 2 drinks and not 1 drink and 1 fries. thats a large number of mistakes in one order.... ah well, in a way it was ok, as we ordered a large fries but now got a small one; that was already too much for the 2 of us.
i was googling around a bit about this mural above. what does john lennon have to do with burgers and fries? nothing, it appears. even worse, the mural was there before five guys was. instead of five guys, it used to say imagine. and, tourists apparently often take pictures of this painting (including me).

Autumn leaves...

..but before it does i would like to post a nice shot of the autumn leafs. so far i have not been very successful. perhaps tomorrow. now im tired, so good night!