Monday, July 11, 2011

Customized MBTA

on saturday we were in the green line, and saw those 2 chairs! i really had to suppress the urge to go and sit on them, as we had to stand. no clue whom they belonged to. perhaps it was some sort of social experiment? who is going to sit on such a chair?
or maybe it was because the MBTA is trying to renew itself? i read in the newspaper this morning that the MBTA (which stands for massachusetts bay transportation authority, or the T, in short) is thinking of selling "station naming rights". as such, the T would incorporate both the station name and a corporate brand into the renamed facility. in doing so, they could avoid an increase in fare prices, which would be a good thing (although i think the T is really cheap, especially compared to the netherlands, where it is ridiculously expensive) but can you imagine the weird names wealthy people could come up with? or mc donalds could name a T stop after itself? hmmmmpf, i think its not a good idea; we would have to replace our shower curtain that has a map of the subway system each time someone buys a new T stop!
i think they should start smaller; why not selling seats on the T? then you are guaranteed to always have a seat! the bigger the seat, the more you paid... ;) and ofcourse, you can customize your seat, as above. that just must have been a pilot experiment. it worked, nobody sat on them!

The extraordinary..

in the ordinary. that kind of photos i like a lot... like this one, for example. each time i see that pic, i have to laugh! picking up your dog's shit is perfectly normal here, as are perfect wedding photos, but the 2 dont usually go together.
above is funny too, with the tree rat! i didnt take this pic, however, it was tim. i saw him taking this pic, but i thought "ow, boring, just someone reading in the sun". hahahha, didnt look careful enough!
yesterday's post generated a lot of responses, that was interesting. i am still thinking about it. i guess this is the solution; everyone, especially those against "taking pictures of strangers" (or watching strangers, for that matter, in particular children) should watch minority report. that movie shows perfectly why people cannot be punished (or whatever) for something they have not (yet) done... it is entirely possible they never will! moreover, free will is not possible when your every move is regarded as potentially malicious. that brings us to 1984 from george orwell: we already have the security cameras.... lets leave it at that!