Saturday, March 19, 2011

How about.....

... just a picture of the ....bridge that leads you into boston? i might have written this already; but every time we drive on this bridge, i am enjoying its beauty and the view  on boston you get and almost each time im trying to take pictures... here i actually only just now noticed the shadows of the cables.... so i cropped the pic a little to let that stand out more.. on the right you see the TD garden, where lady gaga had her concert. on the sides you still see some snow; but that must be gone by now; the past two days it was so mild almost all snow has melted away.
ooh, i was supposed to goto sleep now, but i just read something funny; in 2002, 14 elephants crossed this bridge to symbolically demonstrate its sturdiness (i.e., the bridge can support 112,000 pounds). in the 1800s, such "elephant-tests" were used to show that the engineering of newly built bridges was decent, since that was not always the case in that time. for example, the NY brooklyn bridge was tested in this manner in 1884. why elephants? "According to folklore, elephants are used for such shows of strength because they are widely believed to have uncanny instincts and will not cross unsafe structures". well, thank you, once again, wikipedia, for stuffing my brain.. :) and good night!