Saturday, January 29, 2011

Going airborne

going airborne... sounds funny to me... but not if it is the car you are in..... my blog comes up if you search in google for "car crash tobin bridge mlk day", but i never wrote about a car crash! in fact, i wasnt aware of one, but i did notice visitors landing here because they searched for that. surely that made me curious too... after searching a bit (and ignoring the first hit, haha), this is what i found: during the night before mlk day, a car went airborne off a Chelsea highway (ie the tobin bridge), crashing onto a street 34 feet (!!) below. according to the police the Cadillac CTS (sounds fancy) failed to negotiate a curve, went airborne over a barrier and landed below on 6th street in chelsea.... one passenger was dead (22 yrs old), but the driver (24) and another passenger were not hurt, somehow.. the driver has been arrested for driving with a suspended license, and an initial investigation indicates speed and alcohol were factors in the crash. yuk.....
according to a commentor on the article, the driver had to be going very fast to manage going through (or over) the side of the road, landing 34 feet (~10 metres) below..., while above you can clearly see you are alowed to drive only 15 miles per hour... (or does that only count for the upper level? this driver was coming from boston, thus on the lower level, and perhaps there you can go faster, as there is no toll booth)