Wednesday, July 28, 2010

People photographing (2)

it seems this is the perfect spot to picture the old state house (see previous post). im not sure it was.... didnt check... :) besides, i really wanted the old lady with the pink shirt and hat in the picture. (thats why i got the lamppost there for free.. ah well, you cannot have it all)

State house

the small cute building is the old state house. our travel guide uses such a beautiful sentence: "dwarfed by the towers of the finacial district, the old state house.. etc etc". it was built in 1713, and is the oldest public building in boston. what i like about it, is that it currently is the entrance to the subway! originally wine cellars, now function -since 1904- as a downtown subway station. upstairs there apparently is a "sound and light show" about the 1770 Boston Massacre (gezellig!).