Thursday, February 9, 2012

Boston & me

i dont have my computer here right now, so im using tims annoying (non-apple) computer, and his photo. of me.. :) in cambridge, photographing the charles and boston in the background. the hat (how you call such a thing? we dutch call it a "muts", here you have such weird names. isnt it called a "beanie"? i think that sounds really weird.. :) ) i bought at H&M, mostly because it was pink, it tends to sit a little weird on my head, as you can see, so i dont wear it much. the perfect photographer's gloves were knit by my friend sylvia, who lives in california, where she probably doesnt need them.... she also knitted me a perfectly-fitting purple hat (beanie?), that i usually wear, but i thought pink fits better with my red snow boots. at least in my world..... one day i show you the boots, i just got them for this winter, but barely had the opportunity to use them so far... :( buuuhhh.