Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sculpture park

on sunday we went again to the de cordova sculpture park. we were there less than a month ago, but enjoyed it so much (as well as the way driving towards it; especially now with the fall colors), that we went again. also, the museum was now opened, AND it was the first weekend of the month and thus free for us with our BofA-card :)
unfortunately it was not allowed to take pictures inside the museum; there was a nice exhibition concerning gigantic objects of rubber by martha friedman. there was also some rubbish i didnt understand, but it must have cost the artist a lot of time to create. then we toured the park, until i spotted the bubble man and forgot everything else; the perfect happening to test my new camera!! in this pic the boy was following the bubble with his hands until it burst, while i was following the boy until we almost bumped into each other, both so focused on what we were doing, and well, above you can see the result.. :)
i already posted 3 bubble pictures before, now in the back you can finally also see one of the sculptures, perfectly surrounded by the bubble....