Sunday, October 21, 2012

PYO apples

thats pick your own apples!! and as you can see here, thats what we did today, finally! there were golden and red delicious apple trees, mcintosh (dislike them very much, so we stayed away from those) and cortland trees. good we tried some while picking; the golden delicious turned out to be best. we both got a bag and although it seemed small we got a LOT of apples.... only after we were more or less done, we found the tree with the ladder, haha, but most branches were low enough to get the apples out without help. moreover, its almost end of season, and it seemed many of the best apples already had fallen down; we just had to pick them up.
and so... this afternoon i sliced and peeled and cut apple after apple after apple.... first for some fruit leather (thats in the ovem now, i wonder if it really will dry out as the recipe says), then a large pot of chunky apple sauce (not bad!), and... now we still have a lot of apples... dutch apple pie, maybe? we also have cranberries left from last weeks adventure, maybe some cranberry-apple cobbler? (i think cobbler is something really american, at least thats how it sounds to me...). hmmm, maybe an apple for lunch tomorrow?

Stop idling!!

today it was supposed to rain (or so said tim), but it didnt! during the night we had crazy rain, so much that some places around boston got a little flooded. here it was ok, but the rain did wake me up..  today, on the other hand, was gorgeous! it was 20-24 degrees C. can you believe it? ending october, and we could walk around without jacket. a perfect day to goto the cemetery behind our apartment, as they are at their best in fall, i think. 
look at this tree, isnt it beautiful?! i walked towards it to take a picture, and then i saw the police car. arrghh!! why are they always hanging out at the cemetery? to keep me safe? to protect the ghosts? to hide? to close secret deals? it really, really annoys me to see them at the cemetery, in a car. do they really need to make their rounds also there? this guy was not even driving around, he was just standing there, while his motor was running. thats my next frustration! why do i see police cars everywhere idling around?! why dont they just shut off their engine? this is what the massachusetts law says about idling (chapter 90, section 16a); 
" No person shall cause, suffer, allow or permit the unnecessary operation of the engine of a motor vehicle while said vehicle is stopped for a forseeable period of time in excess of 5 minutes. Whoever violates this will be punished by a fine of 100 dollars for the first offense, and 500 dollars for each succeeding offense." so... why do i literally everywhere, even the cemetery!, see police vehicles doing exactly that..? are they excused from the law? moreover, it costs extra gas, causes more pollution and is not good for your car.....