Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pool closed

this picture i took on sunday. i liked the ominous sky combined with sunshine, and the rain i expected actually never came. the previous weekend i also took some pics around the pool, all not to my liking, and also this one does not reflect the beauty i saw when walking around it! the pool has been closed since a while now.. :( leaves started to accumulate, and with the sun it was soo pretty! yesterday morning we saw that they were taking out the leaves, and when coming back from work last night the pool was entirely covered. not at all pretty anymore and so suddenly the picture above looked a little more appealing to me than when i could still look outside and see it for real.. :) (haha, that goes fast).
anyways, im currently obsessed with crooked pictures (thats a new word for me. sounds funny). i easily misjudge the horizon level and then end up with something i thought would be nice, but... is crooked! aarrghhh. practise!!
back to the pool; it will be months before we can swim there again. and before that i will experience my first "real winter". brrrr... im now confined to the gym for my exercise, and find it extremely boring.. beeeughhhh.