Sunday, July 18, 2010

Revere beach

yesterday we were at Revere beach. there was a sand sculpture competition going on since a few days, and on the last evening there were fire works! the sand sculptures were nice, and the people interesting....
during our first weeks in boston, i hoped we could get an apartment at revere beach, until we went there and saw the building and the location...... the beach is quite nice, but is said to be dangerous after dark, and the neighbourhood looks awful and i can imagine it is dangerous there. but this evening it was all fine, with everyone being on the beach. as opposed to the 4th of july, we had a perfect spot, very few people around (everyone was accumulated around the sand sculptures as it was right across the fire works, but our spot was definitely much better!), and i could even take some pictures.... i liked the reflection of the fireworks on the water, and the large family sitting all together at the beach.