Thursday, July 14, 2011

Test stress

at copley square this lady was offering a free stress test. whatever that may be. it all looked rather peaceful to me, and i was not curious enough to wait and undergo the test myself!
if you walk from prudential center to the public garden, you will come by copley square. there is the public library where we always get lost (why is it so big?!), and then there is the square where often people demonstrate for one thing or the other (perhaps i show a photo some other time), there is the trinity church (we never went inside, but the outside is ugly, in my opinion), the hancock tower (the tallest building in boston that closed its observation deck after 9/11), a fountain, some grass. and also a lot of homeless people. somehow i am not very charmed by this square; i like the 2 parks, the public garden and the boston common, much better (but they are also much bigger).

With pipe

i thought the girl in the red dress looked interesting, and that was even before i saw that she was smoking a pipe! you rarely see pipes, and even less on young ladies.... :)
i think anyways people smoke much less here in boston than for example in the netherlands. in new york, however, it seemed that more people were smoking. in the netherlands it is forbidden to smoke inside, but just right outside most buildings it is ok; here you often cannot even smoke outside the building, you have to go a little further away....
someone just told me that chances are that there is not only tobacco inside, but something that would be legal... in the netherlands.... can you get arrested for that? just wondering.....