Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sudden storm

we took the ferry from boston to charlestown to see boston from a boat. while the ferry took off, the weather turned crazy in just 2 minutes. when we left, boston was still "normal", but within seconds, clouds came trickling down, covering the buildings. it was amazing to see, and unfortunately impossible to photograph. while still standing jaw-dropped, very very heavy rain started, and we all were urged inside, but the few seconds it took to downstairs were enough to get wet entirely. in no time boston disappeared in thick clouds. we were in a floating cocoon and all there was to see was water and rain, instead of boston :(
the plan was to walk around a little in charlestown and then catch a bus back home. but... there was toooo much wind and rain, and we thus took the ferry right back (it was only $1.70). luckily that was enough time for the weather to turn a bit back to normal and we could take some more nice pics of cloudy boston...