Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dutch street

the past week i often have been terribly indecisive as to which picture to post, today is no exception.... this one was taken in december, in utrecht. although its much cheaper here, i miss shopping there. alongside the canals, the small shops.. as opposed to a large standard mall next to the highway. today we also finished the cheese i brought from home :( (yum yumyum, old dutch cheese... as confirmed by some real americans at work; a lot of american cheese looks like plastic and doesnt have a lot of taste). i miss my bike too... i went to the gym this morning, and spent 40 minutes on a stationary bike; boooring! yes, we do have bikes in the garage here, but currently its really impossible to use them.
ah well. a bit more positive; today was a beautiful day!!! soooo much sun, not very cold.. we went to the museum in lincoln once again; it was free entrance day with our bank card.. amazing to see all the sculptures in snow. some had entirely disappeared under all the snow, some we could only see from the road... and inside the museum there were new exhibitions; here a link to the museum's website!