Monday, March 28, 2011

Catching shadows

sometimes its hard to be objective about the photos i take (or always?). here i clearly see the man pulling forward his cart with all those empty bottles and cans, and i like it.... but then i wonder... do others see that as well? now i really dont know whether thats a clear shadow of a man pulling a cart or not.... it was really sunny, as you can see, but it was quite windy and chilly.
anyways... here almost all bottles and cans (even small soda cans) have a deposit. most people dont bother to return them, so there are other people collecting them from wherever they find them. just in the corner you can see a part of a second cart as packed with refundable bottles as this one. we were on the perfectly fine sidewalk; i dont know why he choose to walk on the street... this is close to south station, where we got off yesterday to have a nice walk around a part of boston we dont visit very often. walking on leads you eventually to the ICA (institute of contemporary art) and from there we walked along the shore back to the center of boston where we found Panera already closed at 4 pm!! bugh, the financial district is really empty on a sunday afternoon....