Thursday, September 5, 2013

Yeah pink!!

it was crazy hot today! especially for september, and for the netherlands... it was 30C (86F), and this is where we were.... the pink tube was great!! we bought it last august on the campground in new hampshire. we stayed at a very nice one, surrounded by a river. but.... it rained for 3 days and 2 nights.... :( no swimming, it was too cold!! then... each time i could have used it, i had forgotten to bring it, much to my frustration. of course we did ship it back to the netherlands and luckily it was in one of the boxes we did unpack (i think 9 are still waiting to be unpacked... but there is no space for all my clothes yet. buhuhuhuhuh, very frustrating). so.... today was finally the day... i was in the sea (just a little chilly) floating on this bright pink tube.... soooo nice...
and then on the way home tim managed to punch a huge hole in it.... quite the expensive tube... :((