Sunday, July 17, 2011

General Logan

we went to a very nice, real american party, and above the host's dog! the dog's name is Logan, so i said "aah, like the airport" (how ignorant), while at the same time the host said "like the general"... i thus didnt dare asking who general logan actually is!
i asked my friend wikipedia, and so far found 2 logans (plus logan's son), the general logan from boston, after which boston logan airport was named in 1943, and general logan from illinois, who is the founder of memorial day. if interested in either logan, just click on the links and wikipedia will tell you all about them!
ah well, the dog was cute. i dont generally like dogs, and am usually afraid of them. but this one was more afraid of me! :D

Special parking

right at the entrance, when you are employee of the month at the salvation army! would that be the only perk when you become employee of the month?