Monday, February 7, 2011

Poor plant

but gives a nice picture....
ice really is a problem, currently. huge icicles hanging from most roofs... dropping down... huge amounts of snow that melt and freeze and are too heavy causing more and more roofs to collapse. today yet another building was evacuated because of that; nothing near us, only what i read in the news. in charlestown (where i work) several cars were literally crushed due to ice that fell from a roof above (picture here). tim picked me up from work, and along the road we drove i think 50% of the cars missed their rear view mirrors; its sooo narrow due to the piles of snow on either side... one car was terribly damaged on its street side, but of course i then had the stupid remark; ah look, also its rear view mirror is gone... (i guess the owner wishes that was the only thing that happened to the car).