Monday, January 16, 2012

I have...

... a dream. who doesnt know that it was martin luther king who said that?
during our holiday, we saw the lorraine motel in memphis, where martin luther king was assassinated while standing on his balcony in 1968. in fact, the wife of the motel owner had a stroke some hours after the murder of MLK, and died 5 days later. years later, when the motel was in financial troubles enough money was raised to buy it. and only in 1991, it officially opened as the national civil rights museum. we were there on christmas eve, and the museum was closed, unfortunately.
the next day we drove to new orleans, where we saw this mural of martin luther king next to malcolm x. this area was not the most inviting, and i felt extremely touristy when i stuck my camera out of the window to take a picture... 
the third monday in january is a national holiday in the us, to honor martin luther king, observed for the first time in 1986. yet it was only in 2000 that all 50 states in the us recognize this holiday, with new hampshire and utah being the last states to do so.

here you can view other murals from around the world!

Sunday slogan

just read it; "exercise daily, run from satan, walk with the lord"
really?! which slogan generator spit that one out?! im really wondering about this. how does it work? do all the church-people sit together and come up with some witty text that in some way has something to do with normal life, as well as god, and then mixed together? did they assign one priest thats good with words? do they just google some random words and hope that something comes out? is each church free to put up whatever they feel like (provided it has something to do with god), or is there a more national oversight, and churches of the same kind put the same texts?
ofcourse, the best still remains this one.
i can only feel for the first part; exercise daily.. this year has not been very good in that respect, so far. i was sick most of the past week, although its getting better now. but i still think running is better than walking... but cant i just do that alone?!