Thursday, August 8, 2013

Without view!

this was at the gay pride last sunday. i first wondered whether all those beer cans are from those 2 sitting... but i guess not, everywhere it was such a terrible mess! at some places trash cans were indeed overflowing.. but regardless, people were just throwing their empty cans and plastic cups on the street. without looking, without being embarrassed, or anything. so weird!! i am glad people can just drink like this on the street during such an event (not like the US where people drink alcohol as well, only secretly, from a hidden bottle in their bag, or by pouring alcohol into some juice container. everyone does it, everyone knows it, so why isnt it just allowed?!). but the mess!! horrible!
as opposed to the us, most people did NOT bring chairs to watch the parade... haha. and these 2 dont have a view at all... probably they came too late, just like we did. we stood like that, behind other people for a little while, and nobody seemed to be leaving, so we gave up....