Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hot, hot....

.....HOT!! it is hot. its almost midnight and its still hot. sometimes i turn on the ac, but soon after i get cold, and turn it off again (its set to 76F, currently its over 85F (30C) in the apartment). 
yesterday we went to revere beach, to see the sand sculptures, as you can see above. some were really good! like the fish above, although its actually better from the side; there is another fish inside! but it was so painfully hot. yes, painful. the sand was burning my feet! indeed, i like the hot weather (so much better than the dutch summers!), but when sweat came trickling down my face even i decided that it was just a little too much.... it also made me realize that during the week i am not really aware of exactly how hot it is inside, as we spend most of the time in some airconditioned place (be it work, supermarket, cinema or public transport), and most of the time i am cold there! (and thus my bag always contains a cardigan in summer....))
today we got up too late to swim in the pool before the crowd. and then i realized i still hadnt finished the photobook i am making from our road trip in december. there are still 3 days left, but then i realized i am making the book on tims laptop and he would be leaving for a conference this very afternoon! it turned out not to be possible to transfer the half-finished book to my own laptop, and i thus spent the day making the book (in quite a bad mood!). but, i managed! its done and ordered... now i cant wait to see the result! only, i kind of looked forward to having 3 evenings of making it the prettiest photobook ever..... :( maybe i should start making one from our most recent trip... ?

Boston streets

with one step i sometimes can find my name on the streets of boston.... :)
its really late right now. so i leave it at that. good night!