Monday, July 1, 2013

Love pink!!

this weekend we have been quite busy! on saturday to ikea (and yes, with the mattress in the subway. but at least it was a 1 person mattress), and yesterday we first got ourselves informed about the local gyms (so very expensive; with discount, 3 months for just 200 euros (some 250 dollars). we really got used to the luxury of having the gym with the apartment. sure, we then also had a very high rent, but still...). 
then we went to the dutch home depot (ten times smaller) to pick out some paint for the apartment. our apartment in boston was freshly painted when we got in, with 2 walls painted in the color of our choice (tim allowed me to pick purple and dark purple), so seeing the amsterdam apartment with very ugly walls was just... well... beeehhh. we ofcourse quickly found the discount section and found all kinds of colors with 70% discounts. including the pink you see here in the wall. i actually thought it would be a little less bright, but i like it! and tim said he likes it too... :) the wall with the ladder in front was a very deep, terrible red and it took 4 or 5 layers of white to not see that anymore. instantly the apartment looked so much lighter! now we still have to paint the opposite walls. the one you cannot see in this picture is a very dark blue and i cant wait to get that white as well.... now we only need to paint the dining table yellow (i think it will be nice with the pink, no..?) and i would also like to do something with the ugly ceiling fan. i was thinking silver...? :) (i got inspired after seeing this picture).