Monday, June 14, 2010

Photographing people

what i like most, is to take pictures of people. people i dont know, especially. people who look funny, cute, weird, or in whatever way interesting to me. and there is my problem: i do not dare taking pictures of total strangers. i am often thinking too much about it, and then the moment i wanted to capture is gone again... while in fact they most likely would not even have noticed me taking a picture. sometimes i am trying to hide that i am taking a picture, but ofcourse those always turn out crappy. asking is not an option; i surely do not want them to pose.
but here i was in front of the apple store. i was staring at those people for quite some time, taking pictures, and nobody who noticed.. all too busy with those fancy ipads... :)
ah, and there is no hand sanitizer at the entrance of the apple store. i do think this is one of the places that actually could use it. all those different people touching the same fancy apple-products... quite disgusting if you think about it!