Friday, January 6, 2012

Where's Waldo!

do you see him....? i think its funny that waldo has a different name in other countries (in danish its holger!). the first book was published in 1987 titled "where's wally", by the british illustrator martin handford. somehow i only know it as "zoek willy" (dutch for "find willy"), but according to wikipedia the dutch call him wally, like the original. i really liked this book, but i never owned one myself... every time i see it im still tempted to buy it!
sorry, im just not done yet with my pics from our holiday... so heres another one from miami. there were many rather new looking apartment buildings like this. the entire city appeared new, rich and fancy. and predominantly spanish....  unfortunately we did not have much time here, and the time we spent we were somehow rushed (for example by our expiring parking... grrrr). i sure liked the beaches and to see ocean drive, but i was attracted by the city. i liked new orleans better, and the more northern part of florida.