Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Speed limit

this is a picture i took while we still had a car....on many highways in the netherlands the speed limit depends on the time of day, like above. here you can go no faster than 100 km/hr between 6 in the morning and 7 in the evening. after that time you can go 120 km/hr (i think). i think it makes driving a bit more complicated than it already is. theres a stretch of road close to our house where you can go 100 before 7pm and 80 after (or the other way around, i never can remember, but its indicated on the traffic signs. however, there is no clock underneath that sign! we were using the car of tims parents this weekend and only when everyone around us was going faster than we did, did we remember that the clock in the car was off by 5 minutes (it was around 7). tim has been looking for cars ever since he sold ours! we checked out 2 of them this weekend. the first one was just not interesting, the second one had "a slight red bull smell" the seller said. when we took it for a test drive, that slight smell turned out to be red bull mixed with dirty dog. it was so horrible that we drove just a few hundred meters with the windows open as far as possible. just thinking about it makes me cringe again...
and well, so much for posting everyday in 2014! i just missed 3 days! no excuses, just laziness and that horrible dog smell that knocked me out... ;)