Thursday, January 20, 2011

Atomic bowling

atomic bowling... thats how the bowling place in malden is called! hihihihi... when we arrived, there was still the weekly tournament going on. very interesting to see..... it was hard to take pictures!! :( here you see half (!) of all the lanes.... i think there were 50 or something.
there were also "glow in the dark" bowling balls, but i didnt see those... ofcourse there was a lot of food available as well... and at the desk they were spraying the bowling shoes after usage... hihihihihi (but those people above all had their own pair of bowling shoes, and also their own balls...)
actually, the name of the place reminds me of a ridiculous incident i read in the newspaper a while ago. some fancy food stylist was on a plane somewhere in the US, the plane was about to take off, when the stewardess asked him to come with her. while he as thinking he was getting an upgrade, he was led off the plane and was told by the captain that another passenger had reported him for suspicious behavior. moreover, he had the words "atom bomb" tattooed across his fingers. he explained to them that the tattoos referred to a childhood nickname. he then could return to his seat, posted the event on twitter and it was all over the media pretty soon after... a picture of the guy and his tattoo here!