Sunday, May 16, 2010

Time consuming

without bikes (or a car) everything takes soooo much time... i really do miss my bike. but i am afraid to bike here. maybe in the neighbourhood would be fine, but to work, no way, far too crowded and the cars so big and so little space on the bad road with all its holes.. but it means we really walk a huge amount. weekends are far more busy and tiring than work, at the moment. today for example we first walked to Market Basket (favorite supermarket), in total that takes like an hour. then we walked to Porter square in Cambridge (i like that area a lot, nice shops etc), then we walked to the house of a colleague of tim, who celebrated getting her PhD (that was nice), and then we had to walk back home again. i think at least 2 hours of walking today, and yesterday no less. worst is, usually we walk with so much stuff we buy here and there and everywhere.... :)

Two packages

jeeejjj! my parents sent me these 2 packages..! more clothes, and some stuff i could not find here but really wanted to have. of course they delivered it at home on friday but then i was at work. thus i needed to come get them at the post office. luckily we just got this typical american (!!) shopping cart this week, otherwise it would have been a little difficult to transport them...
unfortunately both packages were ripped open on one side (why/how/when?), and they hadnt bothered to tape them again... so now i keep wondering what all i lost... :(( (for sure one bike-light. i only have the red one; they are soooooo expensive here, like 20 dollars at least for a set). ah yes, the word "like" i should use more often to become a real american!