Sunday, May 18, 2014

Street view

like i showed you last time with the bikes parked right at the edge, here you can see how close to the water the cars are parked. just one wrong movement..... i guess having to park like this does make you a pro at some point, but hmmm..... not for me!
and like most canals, also this one is lined with boats. we have amazing weather at the moment (like really warm!! no jacket needed), so many people are out on their boats. at the end of our street is a canal, lined with boats as well. of course we have the one boat thats the get-together-point for all the alcoholics in the neighborhood (they never take the boat out, they only come to the boat and harass everyone passing by).
tomorrow its supposed to be even warmer (some 25C/77F). lets see if that really happens!